Friday, February 17, 2012

Second Friday at Knockanode

Today was just as uneventful as yesterday. I woke up staring at an eight legged visitor crawling on the wall above my head. Its eyes fixed seemed me. Immediately I jumped up and watched the critter went towards the window as I was wrapped up a blanket, it still being quite early and cold in my unheated room. I fought the want to fall back to sleep, afraid the damn thing would sneak out of sight. I chased it out a crevice near the window and cleared every web I could find, as I waited for tea and porrage to cook. Feargal did not wake and start moving for another hour or so, when I met him next door on the roof to help him with roofing tiles. Then I headed downstairs where we measured the larger window I was to install, noticing it was the correct size if I would be able to clear the groove in which it would fit. Ofcourse, with such a tight fit in the wall, I needed to cut out a section on the top with the kango so that the frame could be placed in the correct position. The angle I had to cut was more than awkward, the hole being 58-60 inches, the ceiling at the level of my eyes. I either had to kneel and lift the hammer about my head, or bend my back so that my head wasnt pressed against the concrete as I held it and cut away stone. Once I had cleared a few iches, an my arms were burning, we attempted fitting the frame. Ofourse, we quickly realized I'd have to cut away the top portion twice what I already had, spending the next hour or so straining as the hammer shook over my head turning away from the debris that sprayed towards me. The second attempt hit only one or two tiny notches that had to be cut for the pane to fit, my aggrivation at this point overwhelming the idea of lifting the hammer for another hour. The third time I lifted and placed the window in on my own, not wanting to disturb Feargal from his work on the roof three stories above me, and luckily the frame slid perfectly in place. I staped in to the metal work and drilled its anchors into the wall, feeling very satisfied that I had accomplished the task. I had my lunch near four o clock, as usual, and continued to level and secure the window. I was able to spend the last hour of light reading into my Organic Agriculture text for a good while and planning out a crop rotations which I discussed with Feargal as he finished and came looking for me.
Tomorrow is calling for a possible clear sky, which I plan to be out early to dig as get a good foot up on the raised beds. Frances, Katie and the kids may be coming into Wicklow tomorrow, and I'd love for them to see all the progress me and Feargal have made between the gardens and the windows/roof the past two weeks. Sunday will likely be an easy and laid back day of drinking and chatting while preparing a roasted lamb and fresh vegetable meal. I find myself missing friends and family along with the simplicity of home when it comes to a birthday. Although, I look forward to catching up on sleep and relaxation for a day given I will finally be 21, likely shared with new friends and a fresh bottle of Jameson.

A best of friends sent me this, making my evening.

"I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers. A man thinking or working is always alone, let him be where he will."
-Henry David Thoreau

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