Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday, February 18

Its cold weather here now. Got hit today with an short ice storm. I have been working to cut out the sod and prepare areas for the raised beds so that I can spend time mostly putting them together. But tonight I am feeling more tired than usual and am looking forward to my bed. Yesterday evening I met some great people interested in sustainable agriculture and a more humane culture. There will be music tonight at the pub, but its unlikely I'll stay around long enough to enjoy it. I got to talk to my mother and a few close friends through skype today and it has lifted my already high spirits. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and I plan to travel to a nearby town or possibly up to Dublin to go to Temple Bar.
Given it is a weekend night and I am just to tired to continue writing for now, I will update the details of my work and travels come Monday evening.
Feargal and I took a stroll through the woods this morning with our tea as we cleared our heads of the drinks last night, Us both having a few too many. He showed me this area where he has spread the seed of the Irish blue bells each year, going farther every Spring. Also he told me more about the nature spirits which live throughout the woods and these white stones that are left by them as a gesture of thanks or where they would want a miniature house built. some of them appear in strange places like under moss or on a tree, in areas where such rocks would not naturally fall.

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