Friday, February 10, 2012

In spite of what we all hoped for, the sun didnt show her face today. I woke early to the sound of Feargals radio and fixed a quick tea. As I opened my door to hit the day, I was met with a thick blanket of fog. The air was so wet, I could practically drink from it. within the hour, as I set up my tools, my outter layer had become drenched, and  if it wasnt for the warmer temperature, I might have reconsidered the task ahead. My hands were sore from working the crow bar and hammer the day before, but felt better with a fresh layer of grime and muck as I dug in for the morning. The curve I planned to design proved much more difficult than I annticipated, and I found myself rethinking my structure. Not long after i started unscrewing a few boards, Feargal met me and helped build a more stable, easier to work, structure. After an hour or so of frustrating cuts, drilling, and recuts, we had the top layer of planks in place and I was on my way to progress. The mud built up on my hands and legs quickly, and before the afternoon got late, I annticipated giving up and heading inside to dry out. the steady drip of rain and thick fog did not let up through the day. Frances returned from visiting the city for a patient just before three and convinced me giving in to dry clothes was a good option for the remainder of the day. So I made my way to the stove and started preparing fresh sauce, dicing tomatoes, onions, garlic and peppers, adding them to the pot as fresh wheat pasta boiled.
I headed out with my camera, to gather a few photos of some interesting specimens nearby. I spent the yawning hour before dark helping Feargal move his windows and door that had been delivered from the drive into the attic where he will spend most of the night installing them and getting one big step closer to finishing the house.
Since the weekend shows signs of clear weather and warmer days, I plan to spend time finishing the first bed while leveling and preparing for the second row. Ill take time to myself to explore the forests more as well, looking for the clear skies and a view through the mountains to the sea as I climb moss covered rocks and trees. I might also make a journey into the nearby, slightly larger town of Arlow, which has a new shopping center and streets of shops. A lot of which have closed down due to the local recission.
Tomorow evening will be my first chance to see a local musician, as a gent named John Kerry will be playing at the pub. I plan to walk down without my computer to simply enjoy an evening of drinks and chatting with the locals rather than hiding in a corner behind this screen. Also, The French Wwoofer I mentioned might be showing up over the next few days and the work will not be so demanding of one man.
All is good, well, and regaurdless of the weather, I can't imagine being happier.

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