Sunday, February 5, 2012

Arrived in Dublin at 2pm today (8am home) very tired and stressed, but passed through immigration with my bolunteer visa without any extra hassles.
Met the mother of my First host family, Fergal and Katie, and stopped at a local garden cafe for a light dinner. Needless to say, resturants in Ireland and Uk make Americas best fast food a sin. A simple vegetable soup made of curried squash potatoes carrots and herbs with local Avoca bread. (amazing) But it was the water they served that really impressed me. Cut lemon is added to each pitcher to make the solution free of carcinogens and contaminats unable to survive in a alkaline substance. They then added cuttings of different mints to add a uniqe and tasty flavor.  The cafe also had a garden full of intersting hebaceous and woody species native to the land, but it was slightly to chilly to walk through and admire.
The knockanode house is what I expected. A work in progress. They have a small house on the property for Wwoofers which I have to myself for the next few days atleast. All the accomidations a guy could need in a place like this.
In the morning i will be traveling across the Vale to see a friend of the buisness who will be able to explain more in depth the purpose and use of alternative healing and what can be grown to aid thier house and friends. I plan to start with cold frames built from window panes and installing some raised beds for prime vegetables and herbs to be planted starting the following week. Theres so much to see, walk and learn here already and its barely the first day.

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