Sunday, March 11, 2012

Wednesday, March 7th

Wednesday was a pretty standard day of work. I got up at eight and fixed some egg and spinach on toast with a banana and got ready to go out to the garden. First I moved all of the freshly cut verbena to another small glass house outside of the vegetable garden so that one would be open for seedlings. I made room on a shelf made of boards and small slates as well as lining them on the gravel bottom. I spent most of the day cutting and removing weeds from the old brassica plot which would soon be sowed directly with lettuce seed. After an area would be hoed, I would go back through with a large bucket and remove all of the plant pieces of the various weeds and take them to a waste pile outside of the garden wall. For lunch we had a noodles and meat sauce dish with salads, bread, and potatoes. We all helped clean the cookware and dishes and went back to our tasks after a short break. I weeded the rest of the afternoon and went for a run around the property soon after I had finished. I went in to wash up shortly before dark and Lindsay had already started preparing a vegetable curry sauce with rice for our dinner. Shaun baked some sweet pastries for dessert after we cleaned our dishes, and we hung out for the evening chatting over drinks and a movie.

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