Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thursday 3-15

Thursday morning, after a good meal of kale, tomato, egg and tost, the three volunteers got to work cleaning our areas of the house. We divided up the same way as we did the week before, so I was in charge of the sitting room and the linen closet. I dusted, organized and hoovered the areas within the hour and got ready to get outside in the warming morning air. I started by putting some finishing touches to my rows of potatoes I had been a work with the day before and then took care of the plants around the greenhouses. A few of the pots and trays had dried enough to take another good misting to ensure the area the germinating seed is would have enough moisture. I spent the morning weeding and preparing areas that would be planted in the next week or so. I prepared raised rows of soil for more lettuce and root vegetables including raddishes and shallots. I organized what remaining seeds we had with Lesley before she went to purchase anything they were running low on. She got some more lettuce varieties, mainly Rocket, brussels sprouts, more carrots, leeks, and cabbages for the main season. She also got a collection of flower seeds which I would sow in trays fist thing the next week. It was a laid back day mostly cleaning up the place and preparing for more planting. Clara, another Wwoofer from the same area as Sean arrived that afternoon and was getting adjusted. We all had seperate meals for a night since we were eating small before a trip to the pub. I had more of the soup from the night before which was still tasting great. I made a pumpkin spice cake from some frozen pumpkin pure made earlier that year off thier own crop. I used soy milk and bannana rather than milk and egg so that Lindsay, who is vegan, could also enjoy with myself, Clara and Sean. We headed tO Clancy's in  Athy around ten or so with our host James and Lindsay driving. James bought rounds while we got to know the new Wwoofer and listened to some amazing local jams. We chatted with a local banjo player and vocalist who had been playing at that pub for twenty years and told us some tales of the wildest nights in Athy. He cut off quickly to run and jump in on a favorite song starting uo in the next room. We all stayed up a while when we got back to discuss out plans for tomorrow when wo would be traveling to Galwat for St. Patrick's weekend. We would leave shortly after we were done working and the four of us would catch a train to Galway. We had all types of ideals of what to do each day including a large brunch with irish coffees and pancakes saturday morning after the parade before we headed to the pubs for the night. I was getting excited for a trip with these new friends and to see yet another new side of the Irish country.

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