Sunday, March 11, 2012

Day Two at Burtown

Tuesday was a very wet and mucky day in Kildare, so I didnt get much done in the vegetable garden. I started the day cutting back a row of lettuce and topping several verbena, which helped the first hours go by quickly. I had to leave for my immigration appointment shortly after eleven to travel into town, where me and the au pair waited over an hour to be seen. The appointment went smoothly from that point and I was quickly processed for my visa to stay through out the summer. Now I must figure out new flight arrangements to return home in August. By the time we got back to Burtown lunch had already been served. After I ate some good stuffed pasta, sauce, and bread I went to meet Lesley, the mother of James, who lives next door. She had asked me to join her to go to a nearby garden center to buy trees for the landscaping. I got some time to walk around the gardens and house area which sat above a small lake surrounded by various sprecies of trees and rose gardens. The gardens had an extensive collection of Snow Drop, Hellebores, and Rhododenron as well as serveral interesting varieties of small and large hardwoods. Lesley choose about five small trees along with about ten beech trees and a few potted hebaceous plants for the flower gardens. When we returned, I unloaded her vehicle while she took her dogs out and prepared to leave soon for a pilates class. When I got in I rested for a while and helped the au pair, Lindsay, prepare a few dishes for dinner. She practies a vegan diet, so any meals that we share are mostly fresh greens, beans, and various grains cooked with plant based and natural oils or additives. The three of us watched a movie during dinner and headed of to bed a bit early after a glass of wine. Wednesday was calling for a cool but clear day, and would be a full day of work getting the vegetable beds ready to plant.

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